Będę tu dla ciebie
Copyright © traindeer 2012
traindeer is an archive for the work of Ted Stones.

“The pages on this site are dedicated to and
inspired by the people I know and the people I
have known. It is a gathering of my memories of
places, my memories of friends, family and foes
and the things I have experienced in my time.  
It also aims to bring people together to express
themselves and share their own stories of life.
traindeer’s agenda is to simply document the
day, the moment as it happens. Reflection,
respect and appreciation serve to further our
journeys and understanding of why we are who
we are and why we find ourselves where we sleep.
No longer will we take these things for granted.”
Family-Borders is a short film by photographer Seba Kurtis. This amazing piece depicts memories in a
beautiful manner.
film copyright © Seba Kurtis 2011

The soundtrack to this short was composed by traindeer. Titled "Wiesz kim jestes", it was inspired by
something too precious to forget.
audio copyright © traindeer 2011